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Rozřazovací test AJ

Tento test slouží k orientačnímu zjištění úrovně anglického jazyka. Celý test se skládá ze 4 částí (úrovně A1, A2, B1, B2), přičemž každá část obsahuje 20 otázek. Test nemá žádný časový limit, proto ho vyplňujte v klidu a beze spěchu. Pokud si nebudete jisti svou odpovědí, v rámci objektivity ponechte otázku bez odpovědi (netipujte). Na konci testu stiskněte tlačítko VYHODNOTIT TEST (správné odpovědi budou označeny zeleně, chybné pak červeně). Pokud získáte v dané části testu méně než 13 bodů, test pro Vás končí, pokud získáte více, postupujete na další úroveň.

Úroveň A1
1. What's _____________ name? – Lucy Moran. She's from Glasgow.
2. _____________ to work by car? – Yes, every day.
3. They_____________ tennis twice a week.
4. How many brothers or sisters _____________ ?
5. Whose cottage is it? – It's _____________.
6. They _____________ in Paris in 2016.
7. John _____________ his passport last summer.
8. What time _____________ work yesterday?
9. Where is Pete? – He's in the garage. He _____________ his car.
10. My older brother _____________ round the world next year.
11. _____________ Joanne ever had dancing classes?
12. There aren't _____________ sandwiches here.
13. My mother's brother is my _____________ .
14. I go to the gym _____________ Wednesdays and Fridays.
15. Pete is a great jockey. He's only 1.60 m _____________ .
16. Audrey usually _____________ the news on TV in the evening.
17. Bernard is a _____________ . He writes newspaper articles.
18. John _____________ very nice photos on his holidays.
19. Tom went to the _____________ to buy aspirin.
20. She doesn't eat _____________ . She doesn't like sweet things.
Úroveň A2
1. Is Paul here? – He's in the bathroom. He _____________ a shower.
2. Who _____________ at the blues festival last weekend?
3. I promise _____________ there on time.
4. Are there any good restaurants in your town? – Yes, there are _____________ .
5. I _____________ my car keys so I'll probably call a taxi. I don't want to be late.
6. I really don't feel well. I cough all the time. – I think you_____________ a doctor.
7. I don't mind _____________ . I think it's relaxing.
8. I saw a demonstration while I _____________ home.
9. Paper _____________ by the Chinese.
10. _____________ wear a uniform at work?
11. They lost the match because they _____________ enough.
12. If he _____________ the lottery, he _____________ working.
13. He often goes by plane _____________ he's afraid of flying.
14. This is _____________ beach I've ever seen.
15. I spend lots of time _____________ my nephew. It's no trouble; he's really sweet.
16. He's hurt his _____________ and now he can't walk.
17. I saw the train going _____________ the tunnel.
18. _____________ are not insects.
19. I really must be going. I need to _____________ the train.
20. I've made my _____________ . I'm going to study law.
Úroveň B1
1. What _____________ ? – Some noise in the street, I think.
2. I _____________ looking for a better job if I _____________ you.
3. He _____________ five films so far.
4. I can manage on my own. I _____________ your help at the moment.
5. Laura _____________ the piano for twelve years and she still needs to practise every day.
6. _____________ argue with your parents when you were in your teens?
7. How _____________ do you usually carry? – A large backpack and a small camera bag.
8. Anthony decided to give up _____________ coffee completely.
9. Can I use your computer? Mine _____________ at the moment.
10. If they _____________ harder, they_____________ .
11. He told me he _____________ at Oxford in the 1990s, but I don't believe him.
12. Paula bought a new motorbike, _____________ ?
13. Mick decides if footballers play fair – he's a _____________ .
14. He prefers working on his own – he doesn't rely on other people. He's very _____________ .
15. Jennifer broke _____________ with her boyfriend just three days before the wedding.
16. Customer: I'd like to make a complaint. This sweater has a hole in it.
Shop assistant: Of course. Have you got the _____________ ?
17. Why does he _____________ such a lot of time reading Internet discussions? It's pointless.
18. I loved the plot and the acting was superb, but the special _____________ were a bit disappointing.
19. He doesn't have to worry about money any more. He _____________ a million pounds when his grandfather died.
20. All the political parties promised to _____________ teachers' salaries.
Úroveň B2
1. Could you tell me where _____________?
2. If I _____________ harder, I _____________ a scholarship.
3. I wish the weather _____________ better today. I really want to go to the beach.
4. He _____________ abroad twice this year.
5. People say he has robbed a bank. = He is said _____________ a bank.
6. This time tomorrow my boss _____________ to Boston.
7. I'll call you once I _____________.
8. The directions I gave him were very clear. He _____________ – I bet he forgot about the meeting!
9. I don't want to go and see a rugby match. I'd rather _____________ and watch a good movie.
10. It was really difficult to get used _____________ so early.
11. I was given _____________ by my brother-in-law.
12. He hasn't applied for the job, _____________ is really surprising.
13. Don't be so cheeky. Show a little _____________ to your elders.
14. I'm not going to put _____________ my noisy neighbours any longer.
15. They decided to sail across the Black Sea _____________ the terrible weather forecast.
16. My daughter's first summer camp was a disaster. She was awfully_____________ and cried every night.
17. She wrote to the politician that she would inform the newspapers about his affair, unless he paid her a lot of money. The plan backfired, and she was charged with _____________.
18. I didn't really need to take out my umbrella – there was just slight _____________.
19. One of the _____________ of recycling is that it might require expensive technology.
20. My head is spinning, and everything is going round in circles. I need to sit down. I'm _____________.

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