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Lifelong Learning Institute of the Brno University of Technology

The mission of the Lifelong Learning Institute is to build up communication, information, educational, and coordinating base for the systematic development of lifelong learning education at the Brno University of Technology. The Institute also provides the related advisory, information and organizational services, suitably complementing education and consultancy at the BUT faculties by educational and advisory activities of its own.


We offer internal educational courses focused on the development of computer literacy, soft skills , study of educational sciences (FTS) to newly qualified teachers and doctorands, development and specialized courses, and language courses to the employees of the BUT.


We offer primarily soft skills development courses and courses facilitating entry into the labour market to students, graduates, and prospective students of the BUT. We also offer individual psychological and carrier counselling. The BUT also participate in organizing of job opportunities trade fairs and help representatives of productive sector with presentations of possible cooperation.


To interested persons the BUT offer the study of educational sciences (FTS), managerial courses (quality control, management, project management), courses of the European aviation law in conformity with the new European aeronautical standards and regulations, including the updated amendatory Act on Civil Aviation, and also Czech language course for foreigners.


University of the Third Age is primarily intended for seniors. The objective of this form of lifelong learning is not only to increase the level of expert qualifications (for the most part the knowledge acquired are not applied in pursuance of a profession), but also to improve the quality of life of senior citizens, prolonging their intellectual activities and their contact with the younger generation.


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