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Psychological counseling - About service

Why are we here? Why Counselling Psychology?

We desire to improve the well-being of BUT´s students and employees and to help them both during uneasy life drawbacks and when experiencing tiny everyday crises. Counselling Psychology services are a helping hand that assists students to cope with life, personal and study difficulties, to improve their mental state and enable students and employees to get to know themselves better. Counselling Psychology is able to help you find answers that you need, to come to conclusions and their implementation.

Do you...

What can you expect from the counsellor?

First of all, the counsellor will attentively listen to you and will not judge you. He/she will not tell you the way you should feel or behave. Moreover, the counsellor will definitely not give you any advice - he/she rather cooperates with you when finding various solutions to your situation; and will assist you to discover your own way to deal with a demanding situation. Last but not least, the counsellor won´t get in touch with your relatives, acquaintances or physicians. Everything you say during the consultation is kept confidential.

The psychologist may - apart from listening to you - use the following procedures when working:

Terms of Service


The consultation with a counsellor takes 50 minutes and frequency of the meetings depends on individual arrangement. Typically, the meetings take place once in a 2-week time or 3-week time. However, consultations may take place more often depending on a student´s needs and on the counsellor´s availability. The individual slot may also be arranged with external psychologists according to individual agreement.

The time needed to make an appointment is 7-14 days; during a semester even longer (up to 21 days) because of higher interest of students.

You can meet with the counsellor up to seven times. The consultations are FOR FREE. The number of meetings to help you feel better varies across people - some students wish to meet the counsellor for a longer period of time. If a student needs or wants to attend long-term therapy, he/she will be offered contacts of external therapists who will be able to satisfy these demands.

We offer consultations to current clients during holidays (though in a limited way because of our vacancies) and exam period as well.


Employees receive psychological care through the Institute of Lifelong Learning in agreement with the Social Safety Coordinator at BUT

What happens if I cannot come?

Anyone may not be able to come to the consultation due to an illness or an urgent family situation from time to time. However, you have to inform the counsellor with whom you have arranged a meeting - ideally 48 hours in advance or at least 24 hours in advance. If you fail to do so, you should bring a notice by your physician for the next consultation. Unless you apologize and fail to come to the arranged consultation, we cannot offer you another slot.

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